Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 6 bloggage

Hello all!

As Aimee posted earlier from the theater, Up was pretty darn cute, though Chris thought the ratio of sad to happy and fun was a little too much toward the sad side of things (Aimee cried). You know how Disney loves to kill/maim/separate/poke with a stick/etc some important character so as to make you love/hate/feel for/root for/etc another? Same thing, just with a heavier hand than usual.

The mall was just ridiculous, and gigantic. Go through the pictures here. Most of them relate to the fact that there's a friggin' amusement park in the middle of the mall, but there's also stores for everything you've ever heard of. Nothing all that exciting to report - pretty much we wandered around the mall for a few hours, and outside of scale and selection, it was not all that special.

Tomorrow we're going to be at The House On The Rock, which looks to be an interesting place with a museum, a tour, and crazy Frank Lloyd Wright eske architecture. I'm sure I'll take lots more pictures there. More updates tomorrow!

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