Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 7 - House on the Rock

We left Minneapolis around 9 or so, as we'd planned, and drove the 4 1/2 - 5 hours to House on the Rock Resort, where we stayed last night. The resort is absolutely gorgeous, and much nicer than we realized it would be-- we're in a suite with a living room and separate bedroom with a king sized bed. The food at the restaurant was delicious, and nowhere near as expensive as we feared it would be, as fancy as the place is (particularly since our package included a dining discount!).

Our package included 30 minute massages for each of us, which we were more than happy to indulge in after being on the road for so long. It was Chris' first professional massage, and he definitely enjoyed it!

As for the House on the Rock attraction itself, well, this place is awesome! We both really wish that we'd had more time to look at it. Our massages were done a little after 4, and we got to the attraction 7 miles away around 4:30. There are three tours to see everything. Tour 1 is fairly short, and Tours 2 and 3 are much longer. We were told that the last tour starts at 5 for any given tour, so that meant we had to go through Tour 1 fairly quickly to make it to Tour 2 before 5, and then spend the last hour before they closed in Tour 2. We didn't get to see Tour 3, sadly, and we spent less time in 1 and 2 than we would have liked.

The House was the brainchild of Alex Jordan, an architect, artist and collector who began the House in the 40's as a retreat. By the 60's, enough people were coming out of their way to see the House that he decided to open it to the public and give up on the whole retreat idea. He charged admission so that he could keep building it and making it more and more interesting.

Tour 1 included the Infinity Room, which is what people talk about when they talk about the House. It juts out over a cliff around 85 feet up from the ground, and the docent told us it's counter-weighted by a massive amount of concrete under the main house. There are a bunch of pictures of it in the album, including this one.

By far, though, our favorite part was the Japanese Garden. As cool as all the collections are, this is what we'd spend our money on building.

We have to post a shorter blog today, because we've got a long drive ahead of us to St. Louis, so we're going to stop here. Check out all of the pictures in the album; we think you won't be disappointed!!

Next update will be with the Cronenberg family!

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