Friday, June 12, 2009

Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis...

We've been in St. Louis (or technically, in Illinois, since Deb's folks live in Waterloo, IL, which is about 45 minutes from the St. Louis airport) for a couple of days now. Staying with Norma and Gene Boyd is just such a treat. They're the nicest folks, and they love having all of us here. Kim and Ricky are sleeping in the finished basement, Jim and Deb are in the guest room, and your favorite nerds are on the futon in the computer room (go figure).

Yesterday, we drove the 3 hours up to Bloomington, IL, for a delightful day spent with Jim's father and his brother John and John's wife, Cindy. We all had lunch, and then dinner, together, before heading back down to Waterloo. It was a lovely day spent with family. Funny little anecdote on the way back-- apparently, a lot of cops in Illinois drive unmarked cars, and unlike in Arizona, they're not white Crown Vics. Deb was anxious to get back to her folks' house, so she was being a liiiiiiiitle bit lead-footed. We were going around 80 in a 65 zone. An unmarked cop pulled up alongside us, glared at Deb, and pointed at his speedometer. We were pretty lucky that he was feeling generous! Needless to say, we slowed to about 70 for the rest of the drive home.

Today, Gene's brother Gerry and his wife Sherrill are here visiting for Gene's 80th birthday, which is today. Over the weekend, we'll be going to a big barbecue bash being held by the Cassons, who are longtime friends of the Boyd family.

We're having a great time, but Aimee admits that she's pretty homesick and is looking forward to being with her kitties again next week. Chris is glad that his allergies have only kicked in once so far, though he's pretty miserable right now.

Time for us to stop being rude guests and go socialize. More blogging later!

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