Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Two journies becoming one...

We made it to St. Louis and successfully returned the Durango (to Alamo) and got the van (from Budget), with only a few weird snags.

The trip was long and boring between the house on the rock and the alamo lot in St Louis, but was uneventful. Returning the car in and of itself wasn't bad but we have more crap to haul around than any two people ever should, which has to all be transferred to the Budget car rental place. We pretended that we had a flight leaving the airport, and the Alamo people happily took us over - where we walked 3 feet and got on the budget shuttle. It covered more distance than needed, but got us there without having to lug bags too far...

Which gets us to the Budget lot. The new plan is for Chris to rent the car in his name,and add Deb as a second driver. This way, all the bags can be thrown in at once, and we can haul all 6 of us around (Chris, Aimee, Deb, Jim, Kim and Ricky) without a problem. The snag here is that Chris didnt know what all the details were when Deb set up the reservation, so he made his best guesses. The only thing that's really different from our rental is the milage limitation, but the 1,050 miles should be sufficient.

Chris had finally gotten used to the big ol' Durango, but this van is a friggin' BEAST. He says "I miss being able to see when I could merge." We're thinking that letting Deb drive sounds like a better and better idea, since Chris has 2,000+ miles under his belt within the last week.

We're currently at the STL airport cellphone lot, and will be picking everyone up in the next hour. More updates after we make it to Papa and Grandma Norma's house!

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