Saturday, October 17, 2009

Long time, no blog...

Aimee and Chris here, checking in from Flagstaff. We came up here for our one year anniversary and are having a great time.

Chris is taking lots of pictures (that he'll upload when we get home) and complaining about the cold. Aimee is in heaven and has realized just how much she misses living in Flagstaff.

We went to the Beaver St Brewery last night and had their famous pretzels, and Chris tried a few different types of their microbrews, of which the marzen octoberfest was his favorite. We're doing breakfast at La Bellavia, a cool little local place that has great peppermint mocha. :-)

One of Chris' co-workers moved up here about a year ago and his fiancé works at the Lowell observatory, so we're going to get a behind the scenes tour later today. Yay!

More updates to come!
PS: this was pecked in on Chris' iPod so please excuse any typos or missed capitalizations.

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  1. Lowell Observatory is not the same unless it is Science Week and there are dancing velociraptors.