Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 10 - Four Months Old

At 3:18 pm exactly 4 months ago today, my dream come true came into this world.

It was not the entrance I had hoped for or expected, but immediately she overwhelmed my senses, and she continues to do so now. I didn't realize this depth of emotion was possible. You hear how different the feelings you have for your child are from feelings you have about anyone else, but nothing had prepared me for just how deep, and how instantaneous, those feelings were for me. Within minutes of being born, Cecilia was latched onto my breast and gazing up at me. That was the most primal, most earth mother, most joyous moment of my life. Chris and I were both crying, and she was looking at us curiously, as though she wondered what those tears were. ***warning, boob shot ahead***

That first day, neither of us could stop staring at her. She was so alert, so curious from the moment she came out. She hardly cried (which is true to this day as well); she just wanted to take in everything around her (also true to this day). I remember Chris and I realizing several hours after she was born that we hadn't done the typical new parent thing of counting fingers and toes; we were just so overwhelmed with being with her.

Four months ago today, my little one was enjoying her first bath (with all natural chemical free soap):

Now she is a big girl (relatively speaking) who loves to jump in her jolly jumper (the doorway hanging kind) SO much. She rolls from front to back and back to front. She is still phenomenally curious about everything, and when we're out, she isn't as talkative as she is at home, because she's just taking it all in. She's so happy and smiley and goofy, my girl.

I love you more than life itself, Cecilia. Always and forever.

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