Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 11 - IKEA, Sleep (or lack thereof) and Photos

Today my husband and my mother-in-law are on their way to Phoenix to get a relative from the airport. Along the way they are going to stop at IKEA for lunch and some shopping. I'm pretty jealous! I love IKEA and I wish that there was one closer to Tucson. Maybe they will build one down here after seeing how big of a success the one in Phoenix is, even in a recession. I gave him a little shopping list of things to look for (mostly for Cecilia)! :)

Cecilia had a rough night last night. This happens mainly when we switch milk donors, and in the past few days she's had a couple of different milks. She was up every half hour to hour with gas pains. For the most part we were able to stay in bed, but it meant a pretty sleepless night for her and I. Chris probably didn't get the best sleep either. Poor sweet girl, I hate so much seeing her in pain. We've tried gripe water (store bought and homemade) and gas drops with little success. Thankfully this isn't an all the time thing.

We did the usual Cecilia monthiversary photoshoot yesterday. The new photos are up at

My favorite one of the two of us:

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