Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 15 - BFP

Today is a very, very, very special anniversary. One year ago today, we got our BFP, as it is called on the various mama message boards. BFP=Big Fat Positive. As in,

Yep, we learned exactly one year ago on this day that we were pregnant with our dream come true. It's an interesting story.

I have never had regular cycles. There were times that I would go an entire year without bleeding. Most often, I bled around 3-4 times a year. I went off birth control in January of '09, with the assumption that it would take a while for the BC to get out of my system completely and for me to even begin to be fertile again, if at all.

In late June, I had begun using ovulation strips to test for an LH surge, which generally you get a day or so before you ovulate. To my surprise, just two weeks later in early July, I detected a surge. I wasn't sure it was accurate given my history, but we went for it anyway.

Three weeks after that, which would have been about a week after a missed period had I been regular, I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. I was pretty disappointed, but reminded myself that it's very rare to get pregnant on the first try.

Two weeks later, Chris was coming home from work (I worked from home at that point) and decided to stop at Jack in the Box for some dinner. He texted me asking me if I wanted anything, but for one reason or another, I missed that text. When he got home and I saw he had Jack in the Box, I was infuriated that he hadn't gotten me anything. He protested that he had texted me, but I shot back, "You've known me for three years now! When have I not wanted the cheddar potato wedges??" Man, was I angry! Chris went and hid in the office (I don't blame him).

A little while later, I was calming down in the living room when I realized that my breasts really, really hurt. I was never one to have PMS symptoms, or any symptoms really, when I did get a period, so this was new territory for me. But some little light bulb must have gone off in my head, and I put irrational anger and boob pain together and came up with a shocking conclusion.

I went into the bathroom and took the top pregnancy test you see in the picture. It's a little cheapy one that came with my ovulation strips. Sure enough, it came back positive very quickly.

I ran into the office, and Chris was on the phone with his mom. I waved the test in front of his face, and he got really quiet, then said something along the lines of "Mom, I'll call you back later." He looked at me and asked me if that meant what he thought it meant. I told him it did, and we got in the car and ran to Walgreen's to get the bottom test in the picture. It came back instantly positive as well. We had an entire bevy of emotions running through us, but the strongest one was pure joy.


  1. Teary eyed ... what a great story! Infuriation and all:)

  2. that is such a wonderful story!!!