Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 21 - Almost Forgot

...to blog today. It's been a fun day for me. We bought a baby monitor the other day so I can do stuff in the office while Cecilia is napping in the swing and listen for her (the office is off limits to the cats, so the door stays closed). I want to be able to reorganize in there, but one of the other motivations for the monitor is purely selfish: I miss playing computer games! I wanted to play Civ again (Civilization IV in this case), and I can't do it on this laptop in the living room. So today I started reinstalling it; hopefully I will get to play soon!

Last night was incredibly rough sleep wise. I was exhausted by 8, so I was thrilled when Cece went down easily. Well, that lasted all of 30 minutes. She was then up until after 10, finally going to sleep and letting me do the same! But then she slept very fitfully, waking up pretty much every hour. Finally we got up around 3, stayed awake until 5, and went back to bed until 6:30 when she was ready to start her day (I wasn't, that's for sure). She's napping well today to make up for it, but if I do the same I will be up all night, so no naps for me.

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