Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 24 - Felt Balls

Today we had a special crafting playdate where we made felt balls. It was really cool! You use felting wool, hot soapy water and a lot of squeezing and rolling. Such a cool idea, and very fun to gather with mamas to make the balls.

Of course now I've been bitten by the felt ball bug and I want to go buy felting wool and make a bunch more. You can do all sorts of fun stuff if you learn how to use a felting needle and decorate the ball. Theresa told me about some local resources for getting my hands on the materials, so who knows, I might have to take a trip to Grandma's Spinning Wheel soon! While I'm there, I bet they have some yarns I'd be interested in....oh to have unlimited funds for all the fun stuff I want to do!

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