Monday, August 23, 2010

Days 26-27 - Bad Mama

I didn't blog yesterday I'M SORRY! :) It was one of those days where there was so much to do at every nap that I didn't get a spare moment to sit at the computer. Not that have much to say anyway. I don't have much to talk about now that hasn't already been discussed!

I'm delivering 3 headbands today and got an order for a new type of accessory-- a big flower on a ponytail holder. That should be fun and will let me expand my repertoire a bit!

My mom is excited about the idea of making felt balls, so at some point we'll go to Grandma's Spinning Wheel and take a look at the selection. I'm excited! I am also interested in trying the washer and dryer method. Most of my Googling seems to indicate that you start the ball by hand, then tie it into a stocking, and put it through the washer. Dryer is optional, apparently, if you want an even tighter, smaller ball.


  1. I'll hit you up when you start making the felt balls. :) Wish I had a little girl for one of your headbands.