Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stuck in the "I don't know what to blog about" mode at this point, so here's some short, Twitter or FB status-esque posts.

  • Cecilia is cutting her first tooth. It's just barely visible on her gumline, but I can sure feel it when she noms on my finger!
  • Her sleeping has gotten better but still isn't back to the old normal. The new norm now is to go 3-4 hours and then need a supplemented nurse, not just a bare nurse in bed. Her need for extra milk beyond what I can produce has definitely increased. Sigh.
  • My skin is ridiculous. I don't have any clue why it's breaking out so badly, and so sensitive again (like twice as sensitive as normal). I hear that your hormones change again when the baby's around 6 months old, so maybe that's the cause.
  • Speaking of ages, Cecilia is 7 months old in a week. Hoooooooooooow???
  • We start Little Movers and Shakers next week, as well. I'm looking forward to that! I used to take my charge there when I nannied years ago!
  • I really need a haircut. Another sigh.
I think that's good for now. More another time!

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  1. Ooh! Our babies are really close in age. (Mine is nine months old.) We've hit the nine-month sleep regression (ugh!). Good luck with the sleeping. I can't wait to sleep through an entire night again.