Monday, November 29, 2010

It's been a while...

I admit it, I've been horrible, truly horrible, at maintaining this blog. I guess I fall into a mindset of, nobody cares enough about the mundane details of my daily life for me to blog more often. But some of the best moms I know, my internet support group, assure me that I should just do it anyway, so I am going to try my best to blog more often.

Last week I turned 32 (boo), and we went for sushi for lunch on my birthday. Cecilia is apparently as much of a seafood lover as her mama (I had tried salmon with her a couple of days earlier and she went to town on it). She ate a ton of surimi (imitation crab) and some avocado as well. I think she enjoyed her lunch as much as I did!

Thanksgiving was wonderful. We do a big hectic dinner with 3 other families in my sister's backyard, so there are generally over 30 people there and 10+ kids. Cecilia had a great time, and actually ate quite a bit more than usual. She is a very casual solids eater (which is just fine by me), but she ate probably half of a baked sweet potato in chunks. Also, for the first time, my insistent self-feeder actually let me spoon feed her my mom's delicious spiced butternut squash soup. She was hooked!

We were talking about how much Cecilia looks like my niece Lily did as a baby, and here's an illustration. Clearly related, these girls! It's funny, because we always said that Lily looked like me as a baby, and it's clear that Cecilia looks like my sister and I!

Today, we're going to go get some yarn for a blanket I am making for a friend. Micha, the photographer behind Westlight Photography took some gorgeous photos of Cecilia, Chris and I, and I am going to make her a chevron/wave pattern blanket as thanks!

I believe the sweet one is awake from her nap, so I'm signing off now!