Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Year of Pleasures #1

While still pregnant with Cecilia, I stumbled across a group referred to as a "Due Date Club"-- a group of women who are all due in the same month-- on the forums. At first I was reluctant to post a lot, and I felt sort of like the third wheel as most of the women in the group had been chatting since finding out they were pregnant months earlier, and some even since when they were trying to conceive. Here I was, the upstart who joined at 6 or so months pregnant, and yeah, I definitely felt weird. But over time, I began to open up to these women, and now, we're a phenomenally close-knit group who are still in constant contact. We get to share joys and sorrows and talk about our rapidly growing babies.

One of the women from the DDC writes a blog called The Trivial Pursuit of Happiness. Ivory's blog is one of my top 3 favorites to read, and I get so excited when she adds new posts! I feel very blessed that I got to meet her through our DDC.

Throughout 2010, Ivory posted a weekly series called "A Year of Pleasures." The idea comes from the Elizabeth Berg (one of my favorite authors!) book of the same name. Each week, she strove to highlight something that she was thankful for, whether large or small. I adored reading this ritual of gratitude, and so I have decided that I will adopt the same idea for 2011. I will try my hardest to post once a week on what I am grateful for that week. So, here's the first one.

YOP #1

What you see here is a veritable mountain of clothing, divvied up in bins by size. Everything here was given to Cecilia from one friend. Jenna has provided us with what I'm guessing is the equivalent of two complete wardrobes for Cecilia. There is everything from newborn to size 4T clothing here. Some of it is clothes she bought for her daughter, some of it is hand-me-downs from various relatives, and some of it even came from my own sister, whose daughter handed down the clothing to Jenna's girl. However they got to her, they have now come to me, and for that I am amazingly thankful. We have hardly had to buy anything at all for Cecilia, and that alone is a tremendous blessing, given our financial situation.

And here is all of the clothing folded and tucked into bins, each of which are labeled with the size of clothing within. My goal for this week is to clean out Cecilia's dresser and closet, finish filling the 3-6 month bin with the stuff she has outgrown, and sort in the seasonally appropriate stuff from the 6-9 month bin (yes, my tiny is wearing some 3-6 and some 6-9 stuff still).

Thank you again, Jenna, for being so generous!

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  1. Awesome! We have the same system, since we have three little girls, and a lot of handmedowns, but to be given an entire wardrobe is amazing!