Sunday, January 16, 2011

YOP #3 - Nursing

Most of you probably know that nursing has not been an easy road for me. I have had a low supply the whole time, although it used to be quite a bit higher than it is now. In spite of taking countless combination of herbs, medications and foods, my supply is simply becoming nonexistent. Nursing also hurts now, every time, most likely because she's almost nursing dry. We're still pushing on, though, and for a few reasons, I won't be weaning Cecilia off my breast any time soon.

The most practical reason is because she doesn't take a bottle and she has not yet gotten to a stage in her solid foods journey where she is replacing any "meals" with solids-- she still nurses as much as she used to in addition to eating some solids.

But really, the biggest reason is because of the bond nursing gives us. If I hated it desperately and was in agony, I could probably figure out a solution-- a sippy cup without a valve, a regular cup, try every single bottle ever manufactured, whatever-- but I am lucky to have a high tolerance for pain and (in this case) a stubborn streak. I love nursing even when it hurts. Having my child right there at my breast reminds me of the months she spent inside my tummy, and then it reminds me of nursing a little itty bitty newborn Cecilia, and then a slightly bigger Cecilia, and so on, until I get to the funny little 9 month old with her nursing leg gyrations (as seen above).

So yeah, not stopping any time soon, even if my milk dries up completely. I'm a lucky, lucky mama to have milk donors who will keep my daughter in breastmilk even if I can't.


  1. Were you able to keep up with the domperidone??

  2. you're an amazing mama for being so determined to give your little girl breastmilk! Ive always wondered, how do you 'do' in, do you have the SNS full and ready at all times? do you keep it in the fridge? or do you warm it? how does it work when you're out of the house? just fascinated in how the logistics of the SNS work.

  3. Sophie- I do have the SNS full and ready at all times. It's a balancing act, but not a big deal. I always have a couple of bags of milk thawing on the counter. Cece drinks the most milk when she is going to sleep, so I generally can refill the SNS when she's sleeping. If not, I just grab a minute to refill it when I can. Rarely, I forget and have to do it when she's itching to go to sleep, and that time sucks, because she always wants to grab it from my hand when I'm trying to fill it! LOL

    Jenna- I have not been. I did see some increase on it but not a lot, and it wasn't enough to justify the cost.