Sunday, February 6, 2011

YOP #6 - 10 Months

Today, my girl is ten months old. Ten months. How did this happen? How is it possible that nearly a year ago, I was giving birth to the single most joyful thing my world has ever seen? I'm actually a bit scared that a year is only two months away.

Cecilia at ten months...where do I begin? We've had some frustrating times lately. I think that a huge component of her frustration is communication based. I think she is a thinker, this one, and it really annoys her that she can't communicate the way she wants to. It leaves both of us irked and often drained.

That's really the only negative I can think of. As far as these things go, Cecilia is so amazing and sweet and joyous. She is big on physical affection and will dive-bomb me to give me kisses all over my face (her kisses often include teeth, but I refuse to do anything to discourage her from kissing me because it's seriously the best thing ever). She has a goofy little sense of humor, and she really is a sweet child. She adores people, and now waves at everyone with a huge grin on her face. She adores our cats, even if they run from her. One of them, though, is so sweet with her, and she snuggles right on him all the time. Her cousins are still in her list of top favorite people, and she loves playing with them as much as they love playing with her. Physically speaking, she's finally starting to outgrow 6 month clothing and is moving into 9 month stuff. And her hair is coming in a lot thicker in the front/top (still short in the back), and is beautifully wavy, so far.

What I really hope she is working on: Clapping (she loves it when we do it, but doesn't seem to want to do it herself), more words, and standing and walking.

I'm still amazed at how much of a little person she is now. The infancy stage is long gone, and baby even seems like it's coming to a close. It's so hard to believe I will soon have a toddler.

adorable sprout

with her favorite kitty, the one who actually likes her

enjoying some puffies (organic puffed brown rice)

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  1. Cece is a loving, social being. As soon as she sees the people she loves, the smiles come out, no matter how sad she was before hand.