Sunday, February 27, 2011

YOP #8 and #9 - Family

I skipped a YOP last week, mainly because I was in a horrendous mood and couldn't think of anything that made me happy at that moment. But, family is such a big pleasure that I feel they can take up two slots!

My aunt and uncle live just outside of Albany, NY. But they have decided to winter here in Tucson, and they will be here for a couple of months total. We're planning a nice dinner at their house tonight with my parents, my siblings and all of our kids.

Family dinners are lovely. Cecilia loves being around other kids so much, especially her cousins. She has such a blast! And there's nowhere else I'm more comfortable than surrounded by family. Even if I've had a rough day or week (or even month), I get a break from my mental angst when I'm with my kin.

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