Monday, March 14, 2011

YOP #11 - Dorky cats

We have four of them. These cats are complete dorks. It's so funny to watch full grown adult cats act like kittens. My oldest is 9, almost 10, and he still tears through the house like mad and plays with invisible toys.

The youngest is 2, and she is very much still in the asshole adolescent stage. She's the one we have to watch out for, as she's the one who's responsible for the scratches Cecilia has. I am hoping that the two of them will learn sooner rather than later how to play near each other without pain (and spray bottles) being involved.

Cecilia and Kitten, the one cat who actually likes her

Catpile! From left to right, that's Luna, Kitten and Lucy

Rowan doesn't show up in many photos. Black cats are hard to photograph!

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  1. Cats are so much fun. I grew up with them, but Kyle didn't and is allergic. He finally agreed to let me get a cat 6 years ago now and recently agreed that they are pretty amazing. Marco is now 7 and still plays like a kitten while still being crazy tolerant of Audrey. Our other cat we were given about a year before Audrey was born and he decided when I was pregnant with her that she would be his person. He's still an idiot teenage cat, but behaves perfectly for her (if no one else).